1. Princess Leia Kardashian
    Buns on buns.
  2. Gold Bond Girl
    Like, sexy foot powder.
  3. Supergirl Kesha
    Basically Supergirl + glitter.
  4. Zenon, Girl of the Actual 21st Century
    Complete with selfie stick.
  5. Trader Joe
    Hawaiian shirt and a bottle of cheap wine. An excuse to drink straight from the bottle.
  6. Temple Juno
    Fake belly, whatever clothing you have leftover from 2006, jug of Sunny D, and maybe a Torah? You get the pun, right?
  7. Dance Dance Revolutionary War
    This will require a powdered wig and some sweatbands.
  8. Ryan Murphy
    Surround yourself in a web of colors, racist paraphernalia, and flashing LED lights. Be the life of the party for 5 minutes and then leave before they find the giant pile of human excrement you dumped in the corner.
  9. Edward Snowed In
    Wiki leaks + snow pants and a nice hot mug of cocoa. Business on top, party on the bottom.
  10. Ayn Rand Paul
    Get creative.
  11. Rosa Parks & an actual Ham
    #ParksandHam in its most convoluted possible configuration.
  12. Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Zombies
    Can you ever NOT be undead?
  13. Rory and Lorelai, Dance Marathon
    For lesbian couples or BFFs combos, whatever.
  14. Unemployed Ben Wyatt & Pawnee Goddess Leslie
    For the fun couple that has literally 10 minutes to throw something together.