I'm right you're wrong go away.
  1. Kourtney
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    She waxes her own pubic hair. She pulled a child from her own vagine. She is iron woman, and queen of the deadpan one liner. I'd get wasted with Kourtney at the drop of a hat. Call me, Kourt.
  2. Kim
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    Kim is so so wonderfully basic. Kim is Netflix & Chill, did you know that about Kim? Kim knows how to destroy you, but she chooses not to. Kim cries a lot because her sisters like to pull pranks on her and she has no threshold for BS. And... NEED WE TALK ABOUT THE BENTLEY?
  3. Scott (2007-2015)
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    If we pretend this year didn't happen, Scott is the MVP of the Kardashian sass squad. RIP buddy.
  4. Caitlyn
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    I'm the show's early days, she was the miraculous, devoted father who carted Kendall & Kylie around town and had to ask Kris permission to play with toys in the garage. Now she's killing it as her true self and advocating hard.
  5. Khloe
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    Girl can be annoying as hell, but she's undeniably the ~realest of the trio. And she matures wildly as the show runs its course.
  6. Kanye
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    The Darcy to Kim's Elizabeth, Kanye is rarely on screen, but when he is, he's all about Kim, and I am all about him.
  7. Rob
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    Rob is, strangely, the heart of KUWTK. His relationship with Adrienne Bailon was an early favorite, and his reliance on Khloe and Lamar for support reads more as sweet and sad than as grubby. Long live the sock empire.
  8. Kendall
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    On the show, Kendall ranges from vanilla to angst-ridden silent eye-roller. I don't love her, I don't hate her, but I'm willing to believe she's a decently cool person. She IS friends with Cara Delevingne.
  9. Kris
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    Kris is definitely brilliant and probably evil, but I can't help but cry when she cries. She cries very powerfully.
  10. Kylie
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    I would pay NOT to hang out with Kylie. She is boring masquerading as edgy, and that offends me.