My Cat Britney: A Life In Pictures (1999 - 2014)

Today - August 21st - marks the 2nd anniversary of the death of my cat, Britney. She was there for most of my life, and the day she died remains one of the most traumatic experiences I've ever had, for various horrible depressing reasons it would be no fun to read. So in her honour, here are some of the photos we took of her over her 15 years. 😽
  1. You can tell it's the late 90's/early 00's by the PC on the desk, not to mention that this is a proper actual photo shot with film and developed in a photo lab and whatnot.
  2. She was always getting herself tied up in knots.
  3. She was quite board. Oh, the iron-y...
  4. You can tell the hoover wasn't turned on here, judging by how she hasn't scrambled away in a furry flurry of flying limbs...
  5. This is several years later, when we moved from England to Wales, and had graduated to digital photography. (Still long before the ease of an iPhone camera came into existence.)
  6. She was fond of (ahem) "keeping our seats warm for us".
  7. She was basically just very fond of sleep in general. Anywhere, on anything...
  8. ...or anyone.
  9. She was the spitting image of the Felix cat food cat.
  10. Ironically, that was the selfsame food she ate for years (before coming to prefer Whiskas).
  11. Like all cats, the higher she could go, the happier she would be.
  12. Occasionally, she joined me in my perusals through the Interwebs, sleeping next to me...or on my stomach...or on the keyboard itself...
  13. Yet more sleeping.
  14. Still yet more sleeping.
  15. Give her an empty bag and a split second of turning your back, and she was all up in that bag's business.
  16. Still unbearably cute af, though.
  17. (Though her sleeping positions were frequently entirely impractical...
  18. ...or impressively flexible.)
  19. And naturally, like all cats, she loved her a good empty box.
  20. As many as she could lay her paws on.
  21. She wasn't above the odd death stare from time to time.
  22. It's like "Village of the Damned"!
  23. Her bark was worse than her bite. (It's a tree joke...) 😸
  24. She was a very good little model whenever she felt like it.
  25. (VOGUE! Strike a pose, etc...)
  26. If she ever happened to be in my room at the time of me shooting a YouTube video, I'd try my best to feature her adorableness.
  27. I'm glad I caught a moment like this.
  28. If I was away for a while, and she was outside when I returned, I'd get a little song and dance from her as her way of saying "hello".
  29. Belly rubs were rare, but magical.
  30. This is the first photo I took of her when I got my first iPhone, and downloaded Instagram for the purposes of taking more pictures of her more easily than I could before.
  31. This is the second photo I took of her with the new phone.
    It's also the last photo I ever took of her.
  32. A couple of days later, after an extremely sudden onset of her hiding away outside, being weaker and skinnier than she was just a day before, and limping quite worrisomely...
    ...we awoke the next rainy day to a knock from next door's carer, who told me that she was dead, and that her body was lying at the bottom of their driveway, and that he moved her to ours.
  33. I put her in a box, wrapped her in an old shirt, and later that day put her in a bag and carried her on the bus to the vet clinic, so they could take her in and cremate her. The following week, we got her back in this jar.
  34. To this day, I still wish I knew what happened to her, and if there was anything I could have done sooner. But in the end, I'm glad she lived her life with us, and that I got to grow up with her in my life for as long as she was in it.