People With Amazing Speaking Voices

  1. Anthony Hopkins
    That deep Welsh purr still packs a punch.
  2. Brad Jones
    (a.k.a. The Cinema Snob.) / If his voice was any deeper, the bass rumbles would likely cause an earthquake!
  3. Bryan Cranston
    Well, he IS the one who knocks...
  4. David Attenborough
    For proof of the validity of this inclusion, see: every wildlife documentary ever worth seeing, ever.
  5. Emma Stone
    That subtle smoky husky quality, though.
  6. Ian McKellan
    Gandalf the Bae.
  7. J.K. Simmons
    Oh dear sweet Jesus, please let me not be a rusher or a dragger...
  8. James Earl Jones
    (Suggested by @Jvg0122.) / He's the voice of Darth Vader and Mufasa. OF COURSE he's on here!
  9. James Spader
    Him and his voice (like dark chocolate roasted in the fires of Hades) are literally the only reason I watch "The Blacklist", a show which is otherwise - as Jeff Goldblum once put it - one big pile of shit.
  10. Jeremy Irons
    (Suggested by @kswholmes.) / Great voice. Shame about the views on gay marriage. 🙄
  11. Joanna Lumley
    She could calm down the Hulk within a couple of words with her velvety pipes.
  12. John Hurt
    His voice certainly doesn't adhere to his surnamesake. (RIP, good sir.)
  13. John Noble
  14. John Rantzenberger
    (Suggested by @ellied.) / Every Pixar movie ever can't be wrong.
  15. Juliet Stevenson
    A recent Audible advert reminded me that her inclusion here is definitely well warranted.
  16. Keith David
    If you grew up watching "Gargoyles", you understand.
  17. Lee Sun Gyun
    (Suggested by @krissybell76.) / I'll have to take Kristin's word on this one.
  18. Liam Neeson
    That amazing Irish growl carried THREE "Taken" movies. That's not nothing!
  19. Mahershala Ali
    When he makes his voice go reeeeeal deep, there ain't nothing else like it.
  20. Martin Jarvis
    A childhood spent listening to those "Just William" audiobooks read by, those were the days...
  21. Matt Berry
    The king of gloriousLY unEXpected sylLAble ENUNciation.
  22. Matthew McConaughey
    Alright alright alriiiiiiiiiight.
  23. Morgan Freeman
    A million billion zillion impressionists perpetually trying their hand at perfecting The Morgan Freeman can't be wrong!
  24. Neil DeGrasse Tyson
    The best part of "Zoolander 2".
  25. Nick Offerman
    It's Ron goddamn Swanson, goddammit!
  26. Patrick Warburton
  27. Peggy Lipton
    Re-watching "Twin Peaks" for the first time in 7 years, ahead of the revival coming just days away (!!!!!), and I thought: 1) Peggy Lipton's voice is soothingly majestic. And 2) She and her daughter (Rashida Jones, icymi) sound so alike, it's unreal... 😱
  28. Peter Mullan
    There had to be a Scot or two on a list like this eventually...
  29. Ralph Ineson
    Do you think him and Shaun Dooley have to constantly fight for the top spot of Advert Voiceover Man With Rich Deep Yorkshire Accent?
  30. Roger Allam
    The second of THREE "V for Vendetta" cast members to appear here. Hmm. What a coincidence! (Which is ironic, cos "V for Vendetta" is all about coincidences...)
  31. Roy Dotrice
    (Suggested by @jccallist.) / Apparently he's the one who's narrated all of the "Game of Thrones" books thus far? Man, achieving such a gargantuan task as that is worthy of ALL THE AWARDS...
  32. Samuel L. Jackson
    No one else on this planet can say the word "motherfucker" (and its variants) better than SLJ, tbh.
  33. Scarlett Johansson
    Well, duh.
  34. Shoreh Aghdashloo
    There aren't that many women on this list at the moment (which is my bad, and Lake Bell in "In A World..." would be majorly disappointed), but out of everyone on here - male or female - Shoreh may just have the best voice of them all...
  35. Sophia Bush
    (Suggested by @sarahmccoy.) / I had no idea who Sophia Bush was until this suggestion was made, but a quick perusal through interviews on YouTube show this addition to be sound.
  36. Stephen Fry
    FUN FACT: I started a Facebook page years ago, based entirely around liking audiobooks read by Stephen Fry. The page has since gotten...a lot more likes than I had expected... 😳😅
  37. Terry Wogan
    RIP, Sir Terry. Your soothing Irish brogue shall forever be missed. 😔