🎶 Songs I Especially Dig This Week (08/05/17 - 14/05/17) 🎶

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    Blanck Mass - "Please"
    Out of all the stuff that's come from the evil genius brains of Andrew Hung and Benjamin Powers - either collectively as Fuck Buttons, or singularly with the "Greasy Strangler" soundtrack and as Blanck Mass, respectively - this is the first song out of their prolific input that comes close to being what you might call "sexy"...
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    Julee Cruise - "Falling"
    Because I've been re-watching "Twin Peaks" in advance of its incredibly imminent return, and, y'know, you can't NOT have this song stuck in your head when you do such a thing.
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    Emeli Sandé - "Heaven"
    My mum made this her latest tablet alarm song, so hearing it four times a day every day will make it good and stuck in your brain, for sure.