🎶Songs I Especially Dig This Week🎶 (12/06/17 - 18/06/17)

  1. The Righteous Brothers - "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'"
    The bloody news of the bloody "Top Gun" sequel got this song bloody stuck in my bloody head again.
  2. A Flock of Seagulls - "Space Age Love Song"
    Damn you, Todd In The Shadows!!
  3. Andy Hull & Robert McDowell (feat. Paul Dano & Daniel Radcliffe) - "Montage"
    It's an utter crime that this wasn't at least nominated for Best Song at the Oscars. (But then again, I suppose it was always likely that the Academy would choose to ignore the farting boner corpse movie...)
  4. Pat Benatar - "We Belong"
    I heard this awesome 80's song on the radio, quickly Shazam'd it, and voila!
  5. Solomon Grey - "Epitaph"
    I swear the vocalist on this song sounds like Win Butler from Arcade Fire...
  6. Santigold - "L.E.S Artistes"
    Another Shazam find. (Or should it be "Kazaam"? Because at least that's an actual Shaq-starring film that exists, whereas the Sinbad-starring "Shazaam" is just a misremembered mass delusion. Bloody Mandela Effect, eh?)