Songs I Especially Dig This Week (24/04/17 - 30/04/17)

  1. Spoon - "I Ain't The One"
    Doomy but funky.
  2. Ólafur Arnalds (feat. Arnor Dan) - "Take My Leave Of You"
    I'm glad the final season of "Broadchurch" was proper good, redeeming how bad of an aftertaste season 2 left in its wake.
  3. Jamiroquai - "Automaton"
    AKA: Unofficial "Ghost In The Shell (2017)" Theme Song.
  4. Le Matos - "Molly"
    I'm all about that retro synthwave dance pop, yo.
  5. Kiasmos - "Looped"
    You gotta love those thumping beats.
  6. Passengers (Brian Eno & U2) - "Always Forever Now"
    I used to play and replay the "Heat" soundtrack obsessively between 2008 and '09 (my last year of school), and recently watching the original "Ghost In The Shell" nudged me into listening to the above-pictured album, and reminding me how much I loved this track back in the day. (Other highlights from this album: "Your Blue Room", "Miss Sarajevo", and "One Minute Warning" (from GitS). / Absolute worst song on the album: "Elvis Ate America". I mean...who told Bono he could use the N-word...? 🤔)