Songs I'm Obsessed With This Week (10/04/17 - 16/04/17)

  1. John Grant - "Geraldine"
    John Grant sure knows how to close an album in the best way possible. (See also: "Glacier".)
  2. Young Guns - "Daylight"
    The way Gustav Wood's vocals undulate the middle of the word "daylight" in the chorus, though...
  3. Max Richter - "Recomposed By Max Richter: Vivaldi - Spring 1"
    It's embarrassing how many times I've played this track recently. Richter only adds a very subtle melancholic twist to this famously chirpily upbeat classical classic, but it makes SUCH a goosebump-inducing difference.
  4. Elbow - "Magnificent (She Says)"
    No other song has ever successfully swayed me towards seeing the appeal of having a child like this song does.
  5. Fall Out Boy - "What A Catch, Donnie"
    "I've Got Troubled Thoughts And The Self Esteem To Match" - the title of my eventual autobiography...