Dead Movie Star Man Crushes

From a certain era.
  1. Dana Andrews. Seriously. Watch Laura and The Best Years of Our Lives or Daisy Kenyon. The irony is that this manly man has a lady name.
  2. Dennis Morgan. Too many movies to name- but I dare you to watch Christmas in Connecticut (the original) and a.) not fall n love with him and b.) not add it to your Christmas watch list
  3. Cary Grant. Do I have to explain this? Watch Room for One More. Plus every other Cary Grant movie. Archibald Leach, my ass.
  4. Rock Hudson. Rock. Effing. Hudson. See him play a player in Pillow Talk- as Rex Stetson. Then, watch him as the stubborn patriarch in the epic saga that is Giant- with the gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor and the scruffy James Dean.
  5. Montgomery Clift. The camera loved this man. The Heiress is a wonderful movie. And A Place in the Sun... He plays the flawed man like no other.