Things I Will Do When Things Settle Down Around Here

Life. So full of things. I long to be bored out of my mind, with nowhere to go, no one to talk to, and nothing to do...except these things
  1. Read a bunch Jane Austen books, while listening to Bach and Beethoven, and drinking British Blend tea.
  2. Listen to my lame ass collection of questionable CDs- that includes this little gem, some Robbie Williams, and George Shearing.
  3. Take the dog on a long walk really early in the morning, so I can wear my most hideous sweats, any old glasses, listen to This American Life and avoid having to make eye contact with other walkers.
  4. Binge watch stupid television.
  5. Eat Stouffer's creamed chipped beef on toast.
  6. Drink. A lot. Of this.
  7. Sleep alone. No other people. No pets.