to be happy in my opinion
  1. Sleeping in the dark, quiet and, soft places
    It needs to have at most a small pin of light. There can be like a machine whirring and thats it. Soft is the only texture im okay with
  2. When I read i want to love the setting more than mine
    I want to feel like the characters are people i could meet a eat to relate you know! And i want the setting the place where they are to be a place i want to visit.
  3. Talking to my mom about my art
    Listening to my mom describe my drawings and asking questions
  4. Watching xfiles with my brother
    I want to believe! The truth is out there.
  5. Seeing my dad take intrest in what im intrested in
    Like music i like
  6. Having a good time
    Talking to my cat about my day
  7. Readin and eating cake
    Maybe tacos to