2017 Resolutions

Making it official
  1. Read 30 books!
  2. More road trips!
  3. Go to at least 7 concerts
    Why 7? Seems like a lucky number.
  4. Purge anything I own that are tested on animals and replace with animal friendly products.
    Caveat that a couple of my prescriptions are unfortunately not animal friendly and cannot be substituted.
  5. Volunteer more
    Specifically to animal charities
  6. Make more friends/expand my social network.
    Something that I've already started and have gotten to know a handful of good people just the last month alone
  7. Do the 52-week money challenge again!
  8. Lose the final 10 lbs!
    Already lost 15
  9. Accept things as they are and let it go. Don't overplan!
    I will apply to all aspects of my life
  10. Continue therapy sessions for personal, emotional and mental growth.
  11. Lay off Facebook more often
    ...because other people's lives are not that perfect.