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  1. Selfies of couples on a boat
  2. Selfies of couples at professional sporting events
  3. Selfies of couples with newly bought Christmas trees
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  1. The cover of Drew's + my future memoir.
  2. Kyle Kimball starting the Vayner Day fiesta.
  3. The set list from Kind Roots Fest. The Moho Collective tour 2013.
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People need to recognize mo round here
  1. I can watch + fully follow 3 sixty minute television dramas in the simultaneous span of all their seasons.
    People need to recognize how hard it is keep track of who you want to have sex with more: Tim Riggins, Stringer Bell, or Kevin Garvey
  2. I can drink 14 beers without throwing up.
    People need to recognize a skill is a skill... no matter how much you hate drunken assholes.
  3. I can turn any room I enter... into a mess.
    People need to recognize that it's about square footage. Throw your coat, pants, back pack, etc in separate place around to room to cover more areas. Instant mess. Bam. Skill.
  4. I can end things abruptly.