This evening I lost my beloved hat. I know, it is a hat. A beanie. Who cares. But this beloved hat was given to me by my cousin Dylan Egon. He is an artist. He designed it for one of his first art shows. So unless he has back stock, it is gone for good. Sad face. Also, it is freezing in Prague & I still have a week before returning to LA
  1. 1. Your sense of humor
  2. 2. Your passport
  3. 3. Any body part
  4. 4. Your mind
  5. 5. Your Virtue
  6. 6. Your lunch - I'm not sure if it is worse...
  7. 7. Heaven forbid - your phone!
  8. 8. Your freedom
  9. 9. Your way
  10. 10. Your appetite