Since we agree that Coldplay is the best, as well as each of our favorite band(s?), and in honor of their new album, A Head Full of Dreams, coming out in just a few weeks, let me remind you about the goodness of each of their glorious albums and the order in which they are the most good (note: each album's goodness is >9,000).
  1. A Rush of Blood to the Head
    I think I just listened to this one way too much because it kind of gets on my nerves now. It's good, but I can't listen to it for too long before I explode and die. But I could listen to Clocks, The Scientist, and In My Place for a day or two and it would be okay because those are good songs, and The Scientist is definitely in Coldplay's top five songs ever (a list for another day). Good stuff all around.
  2. Ghost Stories
    Ghost Stories was a totally new step for Coldplay, like everything else they do, but I wasn't too crazy about this one. It seemed darker and more dark and a little dark compared to the light feel of most of their other songs. Still, not a bad album, but not exactly a Coldplay one for me. Still, good. A Sky Full of Stars, Always In My Head, and O are the ones that stood out to me the most, but the rest are pretty good.
  3. Viva la Vida: or (Death and All His Friends)
    This is a good one. I like it. It was another big step for Coldplay's growing and evolving sound, and produced one of their most recognized songs, which is pretty cool. Listen to Cemeteries of London, Viva la Vida, Lost!, Strawberry Swing, and Violet Hill because those are good songs.
  4. X & Y
    One of the first full albums I listened to. Great tunes, some of the catchier and amazing-er of Coldplay's songs are found here, if you ask me (which you did, I remember), including Talk, Swallowed in the Sea, Fix You, Til Kingdom Come, and Speed of Sound.
  5. Prospekt's March
    This one surprised me because I actually really like it and I always forget that it's so good. It's like if George Clooney had a little brother that people didn't really know about, but then when you meet his little brother and you're like, wow, you might even be cooler than George, and George is way cool. Some of the better tracks: Life in Technicolor ii, Glass of Water, Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground, Lovers in Japan (Osaka Sun Mix)
  6. Parachutes
    Parachutes is way good, like a kid that you look at and say with confidence, "we can expect big things from you, Mr. Potter," because they've already done great things since the very first thing they ever did and you're like whoa I can't wait til they actually perfect their craft because their craft is already perfect. Yellow, Shiver (first Coldplay song I ever listened to (thanks, Guitar Hero World Tour)), High Speed, etc..
  7. Mylo Xyloto
    I can listen to this album every second until I die and that will be too few seconds, and I will live for hundreds of years. Besides every song on the album, some of the standout tracks are Up In Flames, Hurts Like Heaven, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, Us Against the World, and Charlie Brown. So good. Ok bye I need to go listen to this album. Jk, I already am. This list is literally just an excuse to make a list about this album because I like it so much.