1. I've never been pulled over before, but sometimes I'd like to be so that I can be very respectful to the officer so that he can let me off with a warning.
  2. Left blinker means left, right blinker means right, hazards should mean straight.
  3. There should be a blinker that adjusts its tempo to that of the current song playing.
  4. I need to get new windshield wipers, these just spread water around and that's the opposite of what I need.
  5. Should my car be making that sound?
  6. It always does, it's probably fine.
  7. Check front left tire pressure again? I literally checked it yesterday.
  8. When pulling onto a seemingly empty road, it's always good to continuously check both ways so you don't get hit by a temporally oncoming DeLorean.
  9. Don't want to pull up directly next to anyone (homeless person or fellow driver) at a light because we may make eye contact.