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  1. Lumos
    (Creates light)
  2. Accio ________
    (Summoning charm) Accio keys! Accio iPhone! Two examples are enough, you get it.
  3. Episkey
    (Heals minor injuries)
  4. Nox
    (Counter to Lumos)
This will be an on-going list of the last text message I received that day. To get started, the first few will be from this past week.
  1. Ok thanks!
  2. Oh god. That sounds awful. Do you need to escape? It should be listed as a cruel and unusual torture
  3. My evening was ok haha glad it was fun and there were all the strangers
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  1. Mission Taco
  2. iTap
  3. Pastaria
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  1. Home Alone
  2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  3. The Italian Job
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These delight my ear holes.
  1. U Talkin' U2 To Me?
    Hosted by AdamScottAukerman, this podcast is the complete, encyclopedic compendium of all things U2. I never thought I'd love listening to a podcast about a band I have zero interest in. After listening to all 22 eps, you will have definitely heard of the band U2 - that is a guarantee. You will also come to know the names of each band member.
  2. Comedy Bang! Bang!
  3. How Did This Get Made?
    If you don't already (shame on you), this podcast will make you adore terrible movies. Fair warning: you'll start saying things like "bonkers," "next level crazy," and "what's up, nerds?" in your daily conversations.
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