Other than crashes or emergency landings, these are the worst things I could foresee happening on a flight. Feel free to add to the list!
  1. No overhead luggage space
  2. Large smelly men sitting on either side of me
  3. Head set breaking
  4. Television breaking
  5. Chatty seat mate
  6. No chicken dinner option
  7. British airways continuing to serve the worst smelling sandwich on earth!
    Tuna and egg salad sandwich! In one sandwich! On a 9 hour flight! Why? Why would you do that?
  8. Anybody throwing up!
  9. Unexplained smoke or gas smells
  10. Screaming baby
  11. Anybody sleeping on me
  12. Being seated next to a bathroom
  13. Being seated on the isle and having a nervous bladder sitting on the other side of you
  14. An arm rest hog