Still haven't seen a few last minute entries from last year, but whatever. There were lots of great movies last year so here's a few of them.
  1. 20) Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
    I know some of the elements of this movie seem twee to some people, but it worked for me. It's a small sweet simple movie.
  2. 19) Tangerine
    Beautifully constructed film about trans sex workers in Los Angeles. A true indie darling.
  3. 18) Brooklyn
    Saoirse Ronan is very lovely. The movie looks very lovely. Super pretty movie. That's all I got.
  4. 17) Sicario
    Very tense thriller that's elevated by Emily Blunt's magnificent performance. She makes this movie stand out above others.
  5. 16) Love & Mercy
    Paul Dano gives a masterful performance in what could otherwise be a run-of-the-mill biopic. It helps that Brian Wilson is a wonderfully fascinating human.
  6. 15) Beasts of No Nation
    A very hard to watch film about war in Africa. Idris Elba is haunting. The moments that stick are stark and terrifying.
  7. 14) Chi-Raq
    Spike Lee throws everything at the wall in the oddest film of 2015. Not everything sticks, but what does is hilarious, insightful, and bizarrely unique.
  8. 13) Dope
    A small fun teen coming-of-age film that slipped through the cracks. More delightful than you think, I promise.
  9. 12) Creed
    I don't like boxing movies and I loved CREED. It's intense, gorgeously staged, and just a super well-done crowd pleaser that won me over.
  10. 11) Ex Machina
    This intimate, almost theatrical film has probably the scariest final 20 minutes of a movie this year. The ensemble crushes it. Still thinking about it gives me goosebumps.
  11. 10) Star Wars: The Force Awakens
    A Star Wars movie that actually feels like a Star Wars movie. Fun, exciting, emotionally resonant in some parts. It's a great ole movie.
  12. 9) The Hateful Eight
    An intense examination of Post-Civil War America wrapped inside a Tarantino bloodbath. One of his more divisive films, it's certainly not for everyone. But hidden underneath the carnage and hatred is a message of hope for the future, believe it or not.
  13. 8) Spotlight
    A squeaky clean good good movie. Well acted, well written. Not outstanding "change your life" cinema, but a very compelling film about the power of journalism.
  14. 7) The Martian
    A great modern blockbuster. Funny, exciting, well acted. It is great exciting cinema, all about how awesome science is. Yay Science!
  15. 6) The Big Short
    It wasn't til the second time I saw it that I truly fell in love with this one. Adam McKay shows a real knack for constructing a truly angry comedy-drama. This is a movie that wakes you up and calls you to action. Just great.
  16. 5) Inside Out
    One of Pixar's best. A lovely, emotional film about...emotions. It's charming and great and why haven't you seen it yet?
  17. 4) Room
    This movie is devastating and the music actually almost ruined it for me because it's very overbearing, but other than that it's a gorgeous movie all around. Brie Larson better get an Oscar.
  18. 3) Anomalisa
    Arguably the most Charlie Kaufman movie of all of Charlie Kaufman's movie. A movie that at times can be emotionally distant, but it begs for repeat viewings. There are aches in this movie, and it's all the more beautiful for them.
  19. 2) Carol
    A charming and beautiful romance of a movie. Beautifully shot, thrillingly performed, with an all too memorable score by Carter Burwell. The most intimate and loving film of the year.
  20. 1) Mad Max: Fury Road
    Madness and carnage and all out mayhem. A glorious epic. A full on maniacal take-down of the patriarchy. Oh what a lovely movie.