1. Umbrella rental
    Like citibike for umbrellas. Raining? Go to a BrellaBin, swipe your card, out comes umbrella, drop off at other bin near your destination!
  2. Fancy Public Bathroom for Charity
    In airports, Times Square, music festivals, on side of highway- fancy nice bathroom cleaned after every use- pay a fee that goes to charity
  3. Ladies Club
    Like an old timey gentlemans club but for modern women. Lean in Circle meets Nancy Meyers. A library with huge cushiony couches and blankets. Snacks, everywhere. Juices. A tattooed lesbian naturopath. A blowdry bar that doesn't make you look like a retired spaniel. The bubble bath Olympic pool from She Devil.
  4. You should read dot com
    Plug in age, fears, dreams, synopsis of current situation in life, it tells you what book you should read at this point in your life. I have wrong-book-anxiety.
  5. Cars smaller than 12 passenger vans
    So that teamster vehicles didn't have to be so wasteful. Oh wait
  6. Vitamin drugs, vitamin cigarettes
    Plz hurry world
  7. Better umbrella design
    So my BrellaRental business wont bankrupt me. WHY IS IT STILL THE SAME DESIGN AS WHEN THEY WERE CALLED "BUMBERSHOOTS" in the 1800s??