I went to boarding school in 2000- my childhood closet still belongs to my 14 year old self
  1. Destiny's Child
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    Used to be one of MANY DC3 nods throughout my room. Now just Kelly's finger in the belly button of a unknown's bridge pose, and Beyoncé serving last-day-of-camp moments as a dEliA*s bucket hat looks on.
  2. Daria, dELiA*s, signage
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    When a pose MEANT something
  3. Andrew Keegan and Body Issues
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    More dELiA*s dream outfits to wear while walking the halls of Montessori listening to sublime on the Walkman, carrying my empty prescription bottle from when I had the flu so people would think I had a pill problem.
  4. Secret language/ tyra
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    Knock code language with my brother in adjacent room. I wanted to be ann frank in Tyra's body- was that so much to ask.
  5. Interior: Boy meets world brothers closet
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    Felt like looking up the skirt of my own journal
  6. Mya's closet
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    I had clearly hit the gold mine with this YM magazine spread
  7. Matt, Ben, mothers lipstick
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    The days...
  8. KC and Jojo lyrics
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    It was Michael Perkins' and my song. Broke up with him through a friend. We slowdanced at the valentines dance as a "truce" but later learned he was giving me the finger the whole time. NOW YOURE BALD
  9. Silver coat
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    From 2007 when I lived next door to a supermodel who during fashion week came over and gave us all the food in her fridge so she wouldn't eat it (FOR REAL) (WE ATE IT SO FAST) and this silver coat. Oh she also gave us mushrooms!
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    MEET BIRTHDAY AND ZWIB the OG motherfucking soldiers of my childhood. Sobbed into their bellies a lot. The American girls are in the attic, lookin haggard. Changes for Molly indeed