when on same car with mark ruffaloy guy but ur in relationship + just want a thrill that day so u just want them to be like whoa who's that but not talk to u bc embarrassing + ur also a little insane
  1. Injured banker dancer
    I hate banking (remove glasses, migraine) and loved dancing (point foot, smile of remembrance) but terrible injury ruined life (rub knee, make face like basset hound)
  2. Murdered someone
    Make dangersex eye contact with guido-fireman/ rag-and-bone-2015-train-robber then look away with sexual pity- you don't want me, b/c once murdered someone
  3. Something wonderful then terrible happened today
    Just make those faces
  4. You disgust me
    Eye contact and then make it clear that you are not trying to continue the subway flirt- cough without covering mouth, rub your nose, whisper "oh shit" remembering something you fucked up today
  5. I know how this train was built
    Squint at ceiling- looks right, that's correct, oh that parts wrong
  6. I'm blind but I wasn't always
    (Currently in workshop stage)
  7. I'm a bassist and you're a coward
    Headphones in, do fake bass finger chord positions on this subway pole. Two eye contacts right before my stop then get off train and when doors close look at him thru window and shrug like if you were braver we could have been together forever and if the doors reopen run fucking run for your life back to your boyfriend and shared lease