Beyonce, DJ Khaled and More Rappers & Singers Eating Food GIF Style

Hip Hop and R&B artists gotta eat too. Check out a handful of our favorite rappers and singers getting a mouthful.
  1. Beyonce & Nicki Minaj
    They're filling themselves . . .
  2. DJ Khaled
    They don't want Khaled to take another bite. So Khaled took "another one".
  3. Kelis
    Her milkshake is clearly better than yours.
  4. Action Bronson
    F*ck, that's delicious!
  5. Gucci Mane
  6. 2 Chainz
    All he eats is beats, p*ssy, and calamari.
  7. Beyonce (again)
    She ain't thinking bout you! She hungry!
  8. Rick Ross
    Hip-Hop's biggest boss got the biggest bowls in the game.
  9. Ludacris & Busta Rhymes
    Chicken & Beer? Gimme some more!
  10. Camron
    Cam outside of Popeyes eating chicken and fries.