I'm sorry
  1. Hayden's a lil shit
    Hayden wanted to send this to himself to be able to send to Brandy Bell.... Source: Tumblr
  2. The Frog and the Hound
    This was just TOO DANG CUTE. The frog is chillin and the dog is chillin and they probably are in love or somethin idk but it really got me. Source: Alyssa's Facebook ps. How dare you Alyssa I will never be the same after this
    I want this sticker. That's all. Source: Sydney and I were googling someone's bumber sticker that said "from vugs to hugs". I accidentally opened something on urban dictionary that was actually "v-hug" and I hate urban dictionary. Oh and I still don't know what "from vugs to hugs mean" can some one please tell me? Thank you.
  4. J HART
    This picture of Justin..... for obvious reasons Source: Hawa's snapchat circa 2014
  5. Banana Man
    Have you ever wondered what the weirdest image on the Internet is? WELL I DID! I looked it up. I found this. Source: Google
  6. The specimen
    Alyssa Egelhoff, Jessie Broz and I like to venture in Atlanta late and take pictures on THE BRIDGE. Alyssa was feelin it and her lol was caught on film for your enjoyment. Source: I made dis shit
  7. who the FUCK
    So Hello Dolly was my first musical and let me tell you..... WHY DOES SHE EXSIST so 1. Annoying as crap. Every line was whined and I wanted to strangle myself 2. Ermengarde is a horrid name 3. What face is THAT 4. The most pointLESS CHARACTER SHE JUST WANTS TO GET MARRIED TO A FUCKBOY 5. No one deserves this Source: who CARES