1. Mr. Rogue-Canon was born in 1892
  2. His mother was Wilifrilp Canon
  3. His father was Benedrap Rogue
  4. His hair was likely the color of molded algae but unproven
  5. His favorite meal was boiled squirrel meat with river reeds
  6. Oh yeah he was born in Crumphoel Nebraska
  7. He moved to New York in 1912 in search of let's say... Overture anniversaries?
  8. Prosthetic penis obvz
  9. Opened a bar in order to meet new people that might want to work in his boot glue factory
  10. Died trying to milk a gerbil for signature cocktail juices
  11. The official mascot of the bar is a bulldog named Giblets, Gib for short