Inspired by @kaydbug89
  1. Elizabeth Wakefield
    Nice, wrote for the school paper, pretty in a wholesome way, dated nice guys, seemed very effortlessly likable
  2. Sandy in leather pants
    So so sassy, v sexy
  3. Stargirl
    Quirky and nonconformist and unforgettable.
  4. Cat
    She just dgaf AND she played sexy paintball with Heath Ledger, plus I loved her outfits so much. Feminist even before it was mainstream.
  5. Weetzie Bat
    She wore weird clothes and had strange friends and was very whimsical and magical. I did NOT understand the larger themes of these books until like the 4th time I read them.
  6. Jody Sawyer
    She didn't have TECHNICAL skill but she had PASSION so she got red pointe shoes and sassy choreography to Michael Jackson
  7. Holden Caulfield
    What angsty teenager *doesn't* secretly think they're exactly like Holden Caulfield
  8. Nicole Oakley
    This movie is so random, but Kirsten Dunst played an unwashed, braless, misunderstood, damaged rich girl who kept these incredible messy journals that I thought were artsy and genius
  9. Phoebe Buffay
    Season 1 Phoebe has my dream hair. She's silly and funny and affectionate. I guess any character with weird/boho/eclectic clothing spoke to me?