These are the things I am very, very good at.
  1. My planner
    Washi tape, colored pens, doodles, stickers, my planner is artistic and fun and beautiful.
  2. Grilled cheese sandwiches
    They're best with Tillamook medium cheddar, Country Crock butter, a sprinkle of garlic salt, and Wonder wheat bread. I always know the exact moment to flip.
  3. Calculating percentages
    ...but only when it pertains to a sale
  4. Cats and dogs
    Even the scary ones that no one else likes adore me. They see into my soul and know I never mean harm.
  5. Talking on the phone while on the toilet
    I'm pretty sneaky about it. The person on the other end ever knows (although now that I think about they know and they don't say anything?) (No, I take that back, I AM AN EXPERT).
  6. Procrastinating my homework assignments, even on the day they're due.
    ...say, by making lists on a trendy new app I just found out about.