Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

A list born from the combination of my kid napping and me not wanting to do the dishes.
  1. This
    because I'm vain and that filter makes me look v sassy.
  2. This
    because I was quoting AD on Twitter.
  3. This
    smoothie recipe from a blog I read.
  4. This
    to send to my only friend who also loves the Neko Atsume app
  5. This
    even though it's so silly. It made me laugh during a rough week.
  6. This
    from when Mike O'Brien favorited my tweet (!!).
  7. This
    from when Lindenwood posted about their newest MFAs and my name was on the list!
  8. This
    was inspiration while I was working on my thesis.
  9. This