The crown jewel of American grocery stores
  1. Rice pudding
    Microwave it, add a dash of cinnamon and a squirt of whipped cream, YAS.
  2. Chocolate & vanilla macaroons
    You have to defrost for 30 minutes before eating. Worth it.
  3. Paneer spiced naan
    Pairs well with their chicken tikka masala. Freezer Indian food, always a good idea.
  4. Miniature chocolate chip cookies
    They taste just like Famous Amos!
  5. Dark chocolate peanut butter cups
  6. TJ sour gummies
    Surprisingly amazing
  7. Tofu spring rolls from the refrigerator section
    They have a ton of vegetables in them and they come with an amazing peanut dipping sauce
  8. Greeting cards
    Not food, but they're $.99 and way cute
  9. Cat scratcher
    Again, not food, but a huge scratcher that comes with catnip and I think it's like $7?