1. My cat curled up with her head tucked under and I scratch her chin or her belly
  2. A Diet Coke with fresh lime on pebble ice and a straw
  3. Clean face, clean sheets, flossed and brushed teeth, all after a long day
  4. Unfollowing an annoying Instagram account after a giveaway ends
  5. Making eye contact with David when someone in a room says something we both know we'll laugh about later
  6. A long walk outside when it's chilly and I'm dressed warmly
  7. Finishing a book that was so good I immediately flip back to the first page to start it over again
  8. Trader Joe's without a strict grocery budget
  9. Showing Clark something new that I know will blow his mind
  10. When the washing machine is running in an otherwise quiet house
  11. The Hoback Chicken Sandwich at the Snakebite in Idaho Falls, ID with a Diet Coke and chocolate cake for desert
  12. A new recipe turning out exactly as I hoped it would
  13. A "Target and lunch?" text from a best friend on a mediocre day
  14. New episodes of my favorite shows in my Hulu queue
  15. When Clark gets up late to pee and then crawls into my bed and wraps his whole body around mine and falls back asleep and I can stare at his perfect face and kiss his plump cheeks
  16. Hitting "submit" on an assignment that I'm proud of
  17. Perfectly browned grilled cheese sandwich
  18. Taking off my sports bra after a crazy good fight class