Everyone else in the world has read/seen them so I don't assume anyone will actually be worried about spoilers.
  1. 11/17/15: Checked out and began listening to The Hunger Games audiobook.
    This happened during a group text discussion with @StanO44 @tcani and @frannys. Listened through chapter 15. Felt OK about Gale. Loved Peeta instantly.
  2. 11/26/15: Saw The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 2 on Thanksgiving night.
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    Accidentally bought "D-BOX" seats for all of us, which are seats that move and shake during the movie. Think "The Funtastic World of Hannah Barbera" or a similar theme park experience ride. Turned out to be really really funny when they started moving. Loved the movie, cried when Katniss sobbed about Prim to Buttercup. J Law rules. Gale can suck it.
  3. 11/28/15: made my whole family listen to the remaining chapters of The Hunger Games in the car ride home from LA.
    Even though I knew the ending of the series, I was convinced that didn't matter when I felt NOT AT ALL interested in knowing more about Gale.
  4. 11/28/15: Watched Catching Fire for free on Hulu.
    Didn't really feel like spending money on renting the first movie, and was anxious to fill in the blanks. Liked this movie better than MJ2. Strangely attracted to Woody Harrelson. Will likely still read the book by recommendation of @tcani and @StanO44 although @frannys feels it's not necessary.
  5. 11/29/15: Watched Mockingjay - Part 1 for free on Hulu.
    Seemed to drag on, although I like the focus on the time that Katniss and Prim spend together. I think it would have made seeing MJ2 in the order it was intended even more difficult and emotional. While this movie was slow I think the build up was crucial. Obsessed with Effie Trinket. Not sold on needing to read the book.
  6. 11/29/2015: Broke down and rented The Hunger Games on iTunes so I could finish this List.
    Definitely my favorite movie of the series, maybe because I noticed what was/wasn't missing from the book. Kato was perfectly cast. Thrash wasn't portrayed well; he was more compassionate towards Katniss in the book. Remember when people were pissed because Rue was African American?!? People are the worst.