1. Emergency text.
    He wouldn't let me make him mine
  2. Final shot of my Tiny Tower before the game was shut down.
    I had a strong bond with the guy in the blue cowboy hat
  3. Beloved horse in Horse Haven.
    You'll be hearing more about my horses don't worry
  4. My sister liked this post on FB.
    A prized possession
  5. Taken from my wife's IG because I guess I was too impatient to have her text it to me.
    Togelfie game so strong
  6. This dog who the Internet told me looks like Drake.
    Can't unsee
  7. I screenshot Boze a lot.
    True story is that Boze escaped from a cult led by a guy my wife was friends with in high school and I didn't realize this until I'd been following him for a long time and I never know if I should mention it or what