A blend of albums that have impacted my life in one manner or another. Not necessarily the best musically or lyrical gems, but are meaningful to me for various reasons:
  1. Supertramp - Breakfast in America
    Not a seminal effort by any musical stretch, just happened to be in the right place at the time. I listened to this album endlessly the day after my father died. I was 19. The album may not have changed my life but is very much associated with my life changing.
  2. Deep Purple - Who Do We Think We Are
    Again, not necessarily a musical milestone. However, this was my Mothers favorite. Whenever I was listening to it, she would manage to drop in and sit and listen with me. Always had special meaning to me.
  3. Soundgarden - Superunknown
    This was playing when I met the woman who would later become my bride.
  4. U2 - Joshua Tree
    I had been a fan of U2 prior to Joshua Tree, but this album spoke to me spiritually unlike any other album had previously. The whole album is a prayer and I still listen to it with the same ear.
  5. Metallica - The Black Album
    There is such a raw energy exhibited in this piece of work, I can work up a sweat just listening to it. One of the few pieces that still takes my breath away.
  6. The Eagles - Hotel California
    While it was a classic example of pop music, and drastically over played on radio, it has stood the test of time. It seems to make appearances at key moments in my life. If there were a soundtrack to my life, this album would appear several times.
  7. The Cars - The Cars
    This debut album was on full blast the summer I spent on the center California Coast. Every time I hear anything from this album, I can still smell the Pacific Ocean.
  8. Fleetwood Mac - Rumors
    Another overplayed pop album, but was unavoidable during my undergraduate years. Brings me straight back to the dorms. There are/were songs of love and love lost or being lost swirling in the background. It spoke to me at the time.
  9. Boston - Boston
    Another visceral moment. When I hear this album, I can taste the raspberry tarts served by a beautiful waitress named Rhiannon at Lincoln Deli in Bloomington Minnesota. She smelled awesome.
  10. Bob Seger - Night Moves
    One of the first CD's I ever purchased. Seger had an earthy gravelly tone that made him sound like the guy riding shotgun with me. But it was a modern day folk songs that 15 years earlier would have been aimed at truckers. These were the people of my youth and I related to them.
  11. Duran Duran - Rio
    My first real job out of college was at a small AM radio station. Rio had just been released. We played the hell out of it, but at that point in my life everything was a possibility. The 80's were hitting second gear, disco was dead or dying and there was ideas and change in the air. I thought I heard Jazz in the instruments.
  12. The Charlie Daniels Band - Full Moon
    While traveling in Russia to adopt our son, we took a train from St. Petersburg to Moscow. On the train this album was on repeat on my discman. There was such an impactful series of moments looking over the Russian landscape listening to the Legend of Wooley Swamp.
  13. The Doobie Brothers - The Captain and Me
    An album from my high school years. Many pleasant memories were created with this in the background.