I have been fortunate to attend many sporting events. Here are my favorites, ranked:
  1. NCAA Final Four
  2. MLB World Series
  3. Duke v. North Carolina Basketball
  4. Michigan v. Ohio State Football
  5. MLB All-Star game
  6. Yankees v. Red Sox (preferably in Fenway)
  7. The Memorial Golf Tournament
  8. Dodgers v. Giants
  9. Wrigley Field anytime
  10. Any regular season NHL game
  11. NCAA College World Series
  12. Indianapolis 500
  13. Any regular season MLB game
  14. Daytona 500
  15. The Super Bowl
  16. Any Notre Dame home football game
  17. Any minor league baseball game
  18. Any college basketball game
  19. Any Red Sox home game
  20. Any Mariner home game