1. I love giving presents, you guys!
  2. I have some friends and family out of state so I went online shopping and shipped the gifts directly to them.
    So I don't have to pay to ship twice, natch
  3. Like, everyone loves getting packages in the mail, right?
    So it's not a TERRIBLY big deal that they don't arrive wrapped (cause I'm not paying $5 extra PER ITEM for that shit)
  4. I'm not a big stickler for "Do not open until Christmas"
    Mostly because it just more than likely causes people to lie about opening their presents early. Open them whenever you goddamn feel like it, I say.
  5. So a bunch of gifts were "out for delivery" yesterday...
  6. And I have not heard a fucking peep from my friend or my brother who got gifts
  7. Like, did you receive them? Did you open them?
  8. Do you not like what I got for you? Is that why you haven't said anything?
  9. I'm pretty paranoid about the mail system, so like, WERE THEY EVEN DELIVERED?!?
  10. Did one of your asshole neighbors swipe the package?!?
  11. So, this Christmas, help a girl out:
  12. Send me a text to say that you got your goddamn gifts already!!
    Like, even if you are gonna wait until Christmas to open them, just tell me that they arrived safely under your tree?
  13. So I can stop worrying and doubting and wondering if maybe you died?
  14. Merry Christmas! 🎄🎅🏼🎄
  15. Xoxoxo
  16. Jamie