1. Justin Guarini
    My OG AI crush and probably the biggest cock on this list. Yes please.
  2. Ace Young
    He makes me feel funny in my pants. His version of Father Figure turns me on more than any piece of music ever has and he MADE LOVE to the camera and looked directly into my soul. I love him so much. Thanks Idol Finale for bringing this hunk back into my life. I will masturbate to this man for weeks.
  3. Phillip Phillips
    Fill me up
  4. Ruben Studdard
    Look how jolly he looks! Plus, he looks like all he'd do is eat my pussy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Get down, Ruben.
  5. Bo Bice
    I did not want to bang his hippie ass during his original run on Idol, but I sure would bang him now. I'd def be in charge and on top.
  6. Constantine Mouralis
    Something about him screams STDs, but I'd still bang him. He looks like he'd be an eager little beaver in the sack.
  7. Taylor Hicks
    He looks THE SAME. Like a dorky not quite George Clooney. #soulpatrol Probably a gentle and considerate lover. Def stops to ask "Is this ok?"
  8. Chris Daughtry
    Guys, season 5 KILLED IT with the handsome guys. I want him to spank me and pull my hair. Make me gag a little.
  9. Clay Aiken
    Just kidding guys #neverbang
  10. P.S. How much did you nerds miss me?