1. Matt Sorum, drummer
    While I never actually met him, my dad dated his sister shortly after my parents' divorce (maybe even before the divorce?) and she wouldn't shut up about him. This was a very traumatic time in my life, but I was also 11ish and desperately wanted to be cool so I told EVERYONE about this. Also, her daughter (Matt Sorum's niece) was a bitch to me that one time at Six Flags.
  2. Various Minneapolis filming locations, Mighty Ducks franchise
    LOVED these movies. My first taste of long-term crush Joshua Jackson (Pacey + Jamie = True Love). These movies were filmed all over the Twin Cities, where I grew up. Here's a helpful guide: http://www.downtownmpls.com/news_article/show/435964-where-did-the-mighty-ducks-shoot-scenes-in-downtown-minneapolis-
  3. Al Franken, comedian/future politician
    He went to my high school, and there was a wall backstage in the auditorium that every theater person signed when they were about to graduate. I was a dedicated thespian and very proud to have signed the same wall as him. But I didn't really know anything about him except that one character that said, "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darn it people like me." Later, I campaigned for him in Minnesota pretty half-assedly and met his wife, who is adorable and the best.
  4. Brock Pierce, child actor/tech guy?
    Also went to my school. Was in that one movie with Sinbad, First Kid. Also played young Emilio Estevez in Mighty Ducks. I friend requested him on Facebook when I was drunk, and got so excited when he accepted that I sent a jazzed Facebook message to my BFF Abbey. Except I accidentally clicked on the WRONG Abbey so actually sent the message to a cool girl I never talked to in high school. Maximum embarrassment. Then he wouldn't shut up about Bitcoin so I eventually blocked him.
  5. Penn & Teller, magicians/all-around awesome dudes
    I went to their magic show at Rio in Las Vegas. It was pretty great. After the show, they stand outside forever meeting everyone and taking pics. Penn called my boyfriend at the time "Boss" and he was just fucking TICKLED, it made his day so hard. Also, Teller totally talks after shows, because he's a normal person.
  6. Van der Woodsen Courtyard, Gossip Girl
    These next few are gonna be a bit rapid fire, chronologically speaking. When I was 26, I travelled to NYC for the first time (to see Kevin Smith at Carnegie Hall, more on that later) and saw TONS of places. This one sticks out to me because I stumbled out of a cool church and it was just there, BAM, in front of me. I geeked out HARD and had to go stand in it for awhile and pretend I was friends with Serena and Blair.
  7. Bethesda Fountain, Central Park, NYC
    This fountain has been in everything, it's one of the most iconic places in Central Park. I was excited because I had just watched Enchanted (A+ Disney movie, v. well done) and there's a huge musical number here. It's where Patrick Dempsey starts to fall in love with Amy Adams. I spent several minutes standing here imagining Patrick Dempsey and his hair falling in love with me instead. Magical.
  8. Adam Brody, actor
    At Kevin Smith show and he was sitting directly next to me in the 9th row (you couldn't get better tix bro?) I spent the entire show painfully aware of our touching thighs and trying so hard to "be cool". At one point KS referenced him and I turned to him and grinned like an idiot. When the show was finally over, I somehow gained the courage to ask him to take a photo. This is the fattest photo that has ever existed of me. It makes me cringe so hard.
  9. Times Square, NYC
    Is there anything more magical than seeing THE Times Square for the first time? And then anything more annoying the very next time you go to NYC. People in Times Square are the worst. Also, SO MANY SELFIE STICKS, you're gonna take an eye out!
  10. Tina Fey & Steve Carrell, actors
    Seen from afar while they were filming Date Night in Times Square. Tried to take a photo from across the street but taxis kept getting in the way. Many security guards/production assistants yelled at us to "KEEP MOVING" because spectators were ruining the background of the shots. Felt very Hollywood and cool.
  11. Greg Behrendt, comedian/author/aging rocker
    THE nicest guy. John opened for him in Chicago very early in our relationship. He was very funny and nice and loves women in a supportive, non-creepy way. Wrote for Sex and the City, pioneered "He's Just Not That Into You". He invited us to go eat waffles after the show but John didn't want to go, so we didn't, and I'm still sad about it. He would be my celebrity uncle, for sure.
  12. Tommy Davidson, comedian/actor
    My guy opened for him, also in Chicago. He thinks he is way more famous than he is. Was very weird about people in the green room. At one point asked me where I was going to smoke cigarettes, and when I told him "Ummm, out in front of the entrance" he said he couldn't possibly go out there (because he's too famous) and forced the staff to let us smoke cigarettes in the emergency exit stairwell thing for the rest of the weekend.
  13. Jesse Eisenberg & Jason Segal, actors
    Went backstage at a festival, and there was a lot of security milling around. Finally granted admission to green room and immediately made eye contact with Jesse Eisenberg. Walked past him further into the room and tried to whisper/ask John if he was who I thought he was and he SHOVED me into the corner and told me to shut up. For the record, I was v. cool and not fangirl-y at all. Also, Eisenberg is a lot shorter than I thought he'd be. Segal is a giant. My mom was impressed by this one.
  14. Theo Von, reality star turned comedian
    Another comedian John opened for. Listen, I should not have been as excited about this as much as I was, but I was a HUGE HUGE fan of Road Rules and the RW/RR Challenge. Very nice, Southern gentleman. Super cute/handsome. Possibly homophobic? Not sure, could just be a Southern thing.
  15. Jon Lovitz, actor/comedian
    I was so excited to bring my grandma's sister to see Jon Lovitz. Disappointing all around. He has some kind of social anxiety maybe (and also the cutest mental health service dog) so he wouldn't meet anyone. Was very quiet and nervous backstage but turned it on for the performance. Super "old man racist/homophobic", lots of inappropriate jokes. My grandma's sister didn't think he was funny. I wanted him to be cool and I wanted to ask him about the movie Happiness but he was just so grumpy. Boo!
  16. Amusement Park Boardwalk, Big
    We were staying with friends in Rye, NY a few weeks ago and were locked out of the house accidentally and had to wait an hour for them to get home. We decided to go check out an amusement park nearby, and when we got there, realized it was the amusement park from the end of Big. We snuck in (it was midnight-ish) and wandered around and it was one of the most magical nights of my life. No Zoltar machine anywhere though. Bummer.
  17. "Don't forget, everyday you wake up and I'm right here."