1. That I will find my mom's dog dead in her house
    She has this super old three-legged dog and every time I come home for a visit, I'm terrified that I will walk in to her house before she gets home from work and find her dog dead. And she will blame me and be mad.
  2. Breaking rules that no one enforces
    Like entering the exit door at a store, separating my lights from my darks, swimming less than 30 minutes after eating, etc.
  3. Can scary homeless dudes hear me locking my car doors at a red lights?
    Because I wouldn't want to offend them
  4. Will a snake crawl out of my toilet?
    I can't decided if while I'm sleeping or while I'm using it is more anxiety inducing. Either way, keep the lid shut always. 🚽🐍
    Suggested by @kates08
  5. Do spiders wait until we fall asleep to crawl into our mouths?
    Suggested by @ryanopolis
  6. Lightning will fly through the window and hit just me.
    Suggested by @ryanopolis
  7. Is the cotton going to come off the Q-tip and get stuck in my ear?
    Suggested by @danasitar