Fun fact: Smoking lots of weed makes you stop dreaming. Since dreaming is how our subconscious deals with things, once you stop, your dreams become a little bananas trying to catch up. Here's a Vice article if you want to learn more:
  1. My fiancé was sleeping with his mom and I caught them and then they blackmailed me into keeping it a secret.
    The weirdest one by far
  2. I was being chased through the Metro and everyone around me was ignoring my cries for help.
    It took me awhile to wake up from this one. My fiancé had to sit me up in bed and turn on all the lights because I just kept saying "No one will help me" over and over again.
  3. I was a witch desperately trying not to get found out during the Salem witch trials.
  4. I was touring a NASA facility at lunch time and in each room I toured, there was some sort of pulled pork/chicken sando buffet.
    Rockets, BBQ, repeat. I ate my way through NASA