I just found this TODAY. I am simultaneously proud and mortified.
  1. I'm in a long term, committed relationship with a standup comedian named John
  2. Know, when I say that, that he's an actual, working comedian
    Like, we spend 40+ weeks a year on the road touring. Yes, I tour with him (most of the time). Yes, it is awesome.
  3. Some of those weeks are spent at comedy festivals
  4. Last year, in Minneapolis, the 10,000 Laughs Comedy Festival had a really neat contest
  5. They took a dozen or so comedians and paired them with a dozen or so local filmmakers
  6. The filmmakers chose one of the comedians' jokes about which to write and shoot a short film
  7. They had a $1,000 budget
  8. As the day of filming neared, I started getting really excited
  9. Surely, I would be involved somehow
    Like, some sort of consultant, or maybe they would have me play his girlfriend in the film? (I don't know why I assumed this)
  10. So the morning of filming, we arrived on set and I was immediately sent home to fetch an extra set of clothes they needed for John
  11. No big deal, happy to help
  12. When I got back, filming was FULLY underway
  13. The actress hired to play John's girlfriend in the film was a total BABE
  14. And I was completely ignored
  15. At this point, I didn't even really know anything about the film. I just walked back to the restaurant and saw him being filmed walking hand in hand with this cute girl
  16. I immediately stormed off and had a huge fucking hissy fit
    I KNOW, I'm the WORST
  17. John texted me during the lunch break and asked me to come back so I could meet everyone
    And was generally just very understanding of my crazy, jealous behavior, as per usual
  18. I went back and met everyone and OF COURSE everyone was very nice and quick to include me
  19. So then when the time came to film a scene that takes place in a comedy club, they asked me to sit in the audience
  20. You only saw the back of my head and heard me laugh
  21. But I was somehow credited for this?
  22. And the director put it up on IMDb?
    I'm not sure how shit gets put up in IMDb actually. Can anyone add things?
  23. So I have this one credit, I guess, that I'm "known for"...
  24. The movie was called fucking "Chubby Chaser" you guys...
    7a76a521 5233 482a 981f 4dd4c11c94c9
  25. ...it sounds like a PORN
  26. Like, if my dad ever found that, he would assume I had filmed some BBW porn
  27. 😁
  28. But if anyone wants to watch my film debut:
  29. 💁🏼
  30. Oh yeah, and we LOST THE CONTEST
  31. Fun fact: John didn't realize that he would have to do several takes, and thus drink several cups of coffee, so he was drinking buckets of regular coffee from 5-7pm. He didn't sleep until 8pm the next day.
    I made fun of him SO HARD