By no means an exhaustive list
  1. My Sobriety
  2. Goat Cheese Crumbles
  3. The Murphy Family - @marymurphy @joemurphy @katiemurphy
    How did your whole family get to be so fucking funny?!? I wish my family was this cool.
  4. Those two grandmas on the plane
    They gave me my most popular list to date. I will be forever grateful. THINGS THE TWO GRANDMAS SITTING NEXT TO ME SAID OUT LOUD ON MY FLIGHT
  5. Gingerbread Lattes
    Buh-Bye Pumpkin Spice, HELLLOOOOO LOVER!
  6. Despite the fact that there is an entire country between us (and a 3 hour time difference), you're still my best friend and I can talk to you about anything. I don't know how I survived before I met you. No one else gets my purple hearts but you. 💜💜💜
  7. Annie's Fruit Snacks
    Especially the Tropical flavor
  8. The West Wing
    Gives me hope that we'll get it right one day
  9. The second I started talking about Half Baked, and you peered around the person in front of me to make eye contact, I knew we'd be fast friends. You are able to give me insight from both perspectives in terms of relationship advice and for that you are like magic.
  10. Smithsonian Museums
    FREE Museums?!? Are you serious? The best part of living in the Nation's Capital
  11. Nutella + Cookies & Cream Ice Cream
    Together, this is some next level shit
  12. My brother (& @jesihoolihan)
    You took me in when I needed to get away, and didn't mind so much when all I wanted to do was Netflix and eat ice cream. The sense of relief I feel that I have a place to go when shit gets really bad is immeasurable. Jeff, you're my ally and whenever our family gets insane, I always turn to you and you make me feel like I belong. Who ARE these other weirdos?!?
  13. You're everything. I love you (and other cheesy love shit).