He's on parole/probation for cooking meth, btw. West Virginia stereotypes are real life. Also, it's his 40th birthday. His name is Kevin because OF COURSE IT IS.
  1. "Shh"
  2. "Ssssshhhhhhhhh"
  4. *put her finger over her mouth*
    In a silent shushing gesture
  5. "SssssshhhhhhhhhUT up!"
  6. "Oh my GOD!"
  7. "I'm SO sorry!"
    Said to the comedian, obviously
  9. "Be quiet!"
  10. "Seriously, stop talking!"
  11. "I'm gonna leave"
    The show or him? I hope both!
  12. She fucking LEFT, you guys! I don't think she's coming back!
    Rock ON sister friend! The server brought him the check, assuming that since she left, he would want to go. But he sent it back saying, "I'm still gonna order, if she left, FUCK HER!"