They met on this flight BTW, they are not traveling together. They are 58 & 67 and both happily single. Rock on grannies.
  1. What did I pay the insurance for if I can't change my ticket whenever I feel like it?
  2. I don't have text but someone sent something and a message popped up. I don't pay for text.
  3. Facebook is the coolest thing ever
  4. My reader broke and I asked my son for a new one for Mother's Day and instead of a new reader he bought me this dumb pad. (An iPad) I think it cost $100. I mean, I appreciate his effort?
  5. I kind of pressured them to get married, because of the baby
  6. Granny A: My daughter asked me to watch the baby so she could go to the gym for an hour and she came back four hours later.
    Granny B: I have one of those! I had to put my foot down. I told her if she wasn't back in an hour and a half I would never watch her kids again.
  7. My daughter's trying to get back on her feet after having the baby. I said, why don't you just have another baby, then they'll be close in age. I wish twins on her.
  8. I would like two cups of hot tea with five sugars each
  9. I tried to spend last winter in Hawaii, it was too much for me
  10. You should do that, 50,000 miles!
  11. I have to fill this out right now?
  12. I don't want to put my social security number on this, that's how identity theft happens. I'll just leave it blank.
  13. Flight Attendant: Do you need a pen? I'm gonna need this back.
    Granny: (10 min later) This pen writes real nice, I wonder if I can keep it? I'm just gonna put it in my purse.
  14. When you call to book your tickets, you have to tell them you are a frequent flyer and give them your number.
  15. Granny B: What's your address? If I ever get down to Texas again I'll come for a visit!
    Granny A: Umm, how about I give you my phone number?