1. •
    Man, I still want a Talkboy
  2. •
    I agree with Kevin, Christmas isn't Christmas without a Christmas Tree
    So SUCK IT Florida
  3. •
    I can't believe Kevin gets in trouble for Buzz's shenanigans at the pageant
    I mean everyone could see what he was doing. What an asshole.
  4. •
    No one sees through Buzz's bullshit apology?
  5. •
    You'd think that after almost missing the plane the year before, someone would check the fucking alarm clocks before going to sleep
  6. •
    These are the worst parents that have ever existed
    I'd have that fucking kid on a leash
  7. •
    How is there an empty seat on that plane?
    A plane flying to NYC at Christmastime has an empty seat? I call bullshit!
  8. •
    Ally Sheedy!
  9. •
    We're trying to move to NYC soon but no one will rent to a couple? Has anyone else experienced this? Some bullshit housing discrimination if you ask me
  10. •
    They are seriously the worst parents
  11. •
    These guys are the reason there are lids on Salvation Army buckets
    But Sticky Bandits is a great name for a band
  12. •
    Ok, masking tape is not that sticky
  13. •
    Donald Trump!
  14. •
    Kevin McCallister is an adorable genius.
    Seriously, I still wish I was as cool as him
  15. •
    "I'm 10 years old, TV's my life"
    Still true at 33
  16. •
    Why is everyone at the pool staring at him like they can't believe there's a kid there?
    In my experience, hotel pools are filled with nothing BUT children. It's the worst
  17. •
    Well, now I want an ice cream sundae
    "Two scoops? Make it three. I'm not driving" This movie is so good.
  18. •
    Merry Christmas, you filthy animal. 🔫 And a Happy New Year 🔫
  19. •
    Tim Curry just has an evil-looking face
    Like a fucking cartoon. He's an amazing actor, so I know he wasn't cast JUST because he looks like a real life grinch, but COME ON
  20. •
    That blow-up clown silhouette is fooling no one
    Except Tim Curry, I guess?
  21. •
    God, this kid is smart
  22. •
    🎶It's the most wonderful time of the year🎶
  23. •
    The score in this movie is so magical
  24. •
    At the end of the day, WE ALL just miss our moms
  25. •
    This movie might be better than the first one?
  26. •
    Oh God, all I want is a limo ride through NYC with my own pizza.
  27. •
    🎶It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas🎶
  28. •
    This kid really knows how to live it up
    Like, I am fully grown and I still want to do all this stuff
  29. •
    All the adults are fucking idiots in this movie
  30. •
    "One of the finest toy dealerships I've ever been in"
  31. •
    This kid is a better person than I could ever hope to be
  32. •
    The physical comedy in this movie is top notch
  33. •
    No one has seen these gangster movies? How is that possible?
  34. •
    Why is the only tv station in Miami in Spanish?
    Like, I get that there are def Spanish channels, but this is still AMERICA
  35. •
    Right, like ANY family can just afford 13 last minute tickets to New York
    Why wouldn't just the parents/mom go?
  36. •
    "If I'm bothering you, I can leave. Am I bothering you?"
    BLESS THIS CHILD. Every child should be required to ask this question
  37. •
    Kevin is doing the first Humans of New York interview with the scary homeless lady
  38. •
    Ugh! The kid in the hospital! This movie is so sad
  39. •
    "You can mess with a lot of things, but you can't mess with a kid on Christmas"
    IT. IS. ON!
  40. •
    Can you buy posters of Kevin's booby trap maps?
    Because that would be the greatest gift!
  41. •
    This kid knows a lot about physics and chemistry for 10 years old
  42. •
    "What kind of idiots do you have working here?!?"
    "The FINEST in New York"
  43. •
    These guys are taking an awful lot of one dollar bills
    And being not at all careful while putting them into the bag. There's money everywhere!
  44. •
    These guys should have died so many times
  45. •
    Seriously, why aren't they dead?
  46. •
    Did Marv just turn into a skeleton when he was being electrocuted?
    Also, why wouldn't he let go?
  47. •
    So many times they should've been dead
  48. •
    Like, they should change their name to The Indestructible Bandits?
  49. •
    Well, that's one way to tar and feather someone
  50. •
  51. •
    OMG this reunion scene at Rockefeller Center has me crying so hard
    I gotta call my mom, you guys
  52. •
    Old man Duncan is Santa!
    This movie is magic
  53. •
    Oh man! He gave pigeon lady a turtle dove
    and I'm crying again
  54. •