You guys, my Valentine is the cutest, blue hair-est girl I've ever desperately wanted to be friends with! Ladies and Gentlemen, @LeahG
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    First of all, how gorgeous is she?!?
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    And now she has blue hair, and I've always wanted blue hair but have thus far been too chicken shit to follow through.
    It's the PERFECT color blue, too. 💙
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    We could be road rage buddies! (I loved your list "Attention Chicagoans" so so hard)
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    I am deeply, deeply jealous of your American Girl Doll collection. My mom shut those dreams right the hell down when she found out how much they cost.
    It's a good thing they didn't have the stores back when I was a kid, because there would be a Jamie shaped face imprint on the window from me staring longingly at their shiny-haired gloriousness.
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    Here's a Valentine for you❣
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    💝 Happy Valentine's Day! 💝
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    It looks like you're already having a blast of a day! Take a nap and have Valentine's Day round two!
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