Here ya go @amber!
  1. Black light bulb
    My BFF and I turned a tiny room in her basement into "The Mush Room" complete with black lights, tie dye tapestries on the walls, trippy posters and decor, etc.
  2. Lava lamp
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    Not really a toy but DUH
  3. Spirograph
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    A+ for effort but was way too hard to do while I was high. Protip: Make some Spirograph pictures while waiting for the drugs to kick in so all you have to do is stare at them when you're finally tripping balls.
  4. Anything glow in the dark
    Because glow in the dark is fucking MAGIC. Glow in the dark nail polish is dope, but again, a little pre-planning goes a long way. Painting your nails high and then not being able to touch anything feels like punishment.
  5. Water snake/wiggly
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    That annoying toy that you can't quite hold on to. Endless fun. Plus it kinda feels like you're giving a hand job.
  6. Light up glitter ball
    This ended up being a disaster because it lit up alternating red and blue and looked like cop lights in the dark. I had to hide it under some blankets to feel safe.
  7. Velvet coloring posters
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    I think these were actually invented for this very reason. Protip: The markers that come with these suck so hard (and are very limited, color-wise) so do yourself a solid and get a huge marker set. Nothing too spendy though, the velvet fibers ruin the markers after extended use.
  8. Corn starch and water
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    This science trick is the fucking bomb when you're tripping balls. It's a solid and a liquid at the same time! P.S. My dad is the one who taught me this. Hippie parents can be the fucking BEST sometimes (all the times).
  9. All the glow sticks
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    This kind is the best (maximum glow) but necklaces/bracelets will do in a pinch. Get some string to whip them around and create trails. TBH I really didn't need any of the other toys as soon as I cracked some glow sticks. Glow sticks RULE. If you're really careful and don't touch anything or stick your hands in your mouth, you can cut open one of these bad boys and mix it in the corn starch mixture and it's like playing with a bowl of stars. Again: my hippie dad taught me this one.