Besides The West Wing, which the guy and I are always watching. Once we finish, we just start over at the beginning.
  1. Sonic Highways
    I want to make the comedy version of this show.
  2. The Wire
    John's watching this for the third time and he gets too intense sometimes and I make him take breaks. He thinks he's McNulty and will sometimes text me "Oh no! McNulty's in trouble!"
  3. Broad City
    I love Abbi & Ilana so every other 21-35yo. Also, Hannibal is THE MAN!
  4. Dawson's Creek
    Jamie + Pacey forever! Is it any surprise that I ended up with a comedian?
  5. Don't Trust the B... in Apt 23
    Because JVDB making fun of Dawson will forever be my fucking favorite.
  6. Glee
    Meaningful looks during musical numbers. The songs make me happy, ok?
  7. Chuck
    Aka Seth Cohen: Spy
  8. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    TBH, I thought I would hate this. But I watched it in a day. That opening credits song is the worst though.
  9. Big Love
    Polygamy intrigues me. Also, I now know everything there is to know about being Mormon. QUIZ ME!
  10. The Last Man on Earth
    My dad is the one who told me about this show. I didn't realize it until I started watching, but he told me the entire pilot episode scene by scene including most of the jokes. It was adorable.
  11. Gilmore Girls
    I never watched this show before now, so while most of my friends identified with Rory, I'm coming from this weird place of being the same age as Lorelai and I just keep thinking "Holy shit! What if I had a teenager right now?!?!"