1. I usually wake up somewhere in the 6-7am range
    Almost always before my alarm. WHAT IS THAT?!?
  2. Immediately have to pee
  3. Continue laying in bed and check social media until my bladder overwhelms me
    In this order: Instagram (least thinking involved), ListApp, Facebook. NEVER Twitter. I have Twitter, I never check it.
  4. Go pee
  5. Shuffle into the kitchen to make coffee
  6. While coffee is brewing, wash dishes
    I hand wash dishes, despite the fact that I have a dishwasher. I hate dishwashers. I use my dishwasher mostly just to hide things from my fiancé that I don't want him to eat (like candy). Sometimes I will leave a small amount in the cupboard everyday like a ration so I don't come home and find all the candy gone.
  7. Drink my first sweet oversized cup of coffee
    Sweet as in awesome AND sweet as in sugary
  8. Start watching a show
    Right now I'm watching The Tudors. A great show to watch in the morning as there's lots of sex and it will make you very randy.
  9. Drink my second oversized cup of coffee
  10. 💩
  11. Drink my third oversized cup of coffee
  12. At some point, my fiancé will shout from his bedroom "Jamestown Darnestown?"
    In the cutest voice imaginable
  13. I stop whatever I'm doing and scamper into the bedroom
  14. I give him a million kisses
    He is honestly the most adorable thing in the universe when he first wakes up and is sleepy. Sometimes he asks for "Just one kiss and a hug because I need to go back to sleep for seven and a half more hours" It's always 7 1/2, no matter the time of day or how long he's actually going to sleep.
  15. If he doesn't go back to sleep, I bring him coffee in bed
  16. And then we go to Bonetown
    Most days
  17. Shower
  18. Breakfast
  19. fin
    My life is pretty rad