I just realized that my Spotify account on my phone can remote play Spotify on my laptop at home. I was cleaning last night with music BLARING, so that shit is turned up loud! The hubs isn't too great with technology, so he wouldn't immediately figure it out. I'm out of the house until Noon ET.
  1. I wish Prince songs were on Spotify, because I would love to make him think he's being haunted by Prince.
    Think about it, little 10 second snippets of Prince songs play throughout the day... I can't stop laughing at this idea.
  2. I could play scary sounding songs, but I can't think of any
  3. I could use it to play an intro song when I'm about to walk into the house like pro athletes do?
    THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS. But also, the jig would be up immediately and I like the idea of fucking with him a little first.
  4. Do you think I could get him to believe in ghosts if I started playing Flo Rida's My House at the same time every day?
  5. Robyn's Dancing On My Own would also make a great ghost song.
  6. Do you guys have any other ideas? Also, please include a song choice with your idea.
  7. Is Tubular Bells on Spotify? That's the theme from the Exorcist and if you've ever seen the movie, it's a really spooky/scary song!
    Suggested by @loriatx
  9. Alright guys, here's what's gonna happen:
  10. Today was Day One. At 11:11, I started playing a Spotify playlist on repeat called MY HOUSE that only had Flo Rida's My House on it.
  11. I was at work
  12. It played for over an hour before he woke up and noticed it
  13. He texted me about it and I played it cool
  14. I will screenshot our texts about it and post a new list at the end.
    Side note: any ideas on how to end it?
  15. His best friend is also in on it
    And he'll be sending screenshots of his texts too
  16. I'm going to need to delete this list in a couple days, because once it happens a few times, he'll get really suspicious.
  17. This is the greatest thing I've ever done and he's going to get me back SO HARD but it's totally gonna be worth it.
  18. 😳😱👻
  19. Add some songs with serious stereo separation (You're the Boss- Elvis & Ann-Margret is great) so the sound jumps around whatever space he's in.
    Suggested by @pgMullen