Let's hear em, weirdos
  1. Bustin' Chops
  2. Tetris
    The video game AND Tetris-like things IRL. Like packing the car, bagging groceries, etc.
  3. Knowing when a website I frequent has changed it's font
  4. Where you know that actor from
    I'm kinda like a walking IMDb. Also great at spotting cameos/bit parts of famous people before they were famous in 80s/90s movies.
  5. Formatting excel documents
  6. Making things fun that normally aren't
  7. Knowing where things are located in a grocery store
    Honey is by the jelly, unless it's at Whole Foods and then it's by the sugar.
  8. Giving advice that I should be listening to myself
  9. Knowing all the lyrics to R. Kelly's "Ignition"
    Thanks @LizDawson
  10. Comparing any situation to an episode of Friends.
    Suggested by @AMR
  11. Knowing all the lyrics to City High's What Would You Do
    Suggested by @LizDawson
  12. Finding public bathrooms
    Suggested by @AMR
  13. Remembering the exact delivery (timing/wording) of movie/tv quotes.
    Suggested by @jsyrkinn
  14. Creating amazing paper snowflakes.
    Suggested by @JohnnyL